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As your wedding day approaches, it is not uncommon to start worrying about whether the guests will enjoy the wedding. As much as it is your special day, you also want to make sure your guests also have a good time that they can remember for a long time. As such, you have to ensure there are many entertainment options at your wedding to cater for the different kinds of people that will attend your wedding. One easy way to do that is to have games at your wedding. Wedding games are not new as they have existed for many generations with different cultures having different games. Below are a few exciting games you can play to spice up your wedding ceremony:

1. The Shoe Game

This is one of the few games that guests absolutely love. In this game, the couple sits facing away from each other then swap one shoe such that they are holding one shoe of each. Someone then asks the couple a few questions regarding their relationship which they answer by holding up a corresponding shoe. The questions may range from sweet questions like “Who said the L-word first”, funny questions like “who snores louder”, or downright embarrassing questions like ”Who farts louder”.

2. Coloring Books

This game is for wedding ceremonies with lots of children. We all know how children can completely wreak havoc if they are bored. You need something to keep the kids occupied as you go on with the wedding ceremony. Having coloring books at their designated tables will keep the kids calm and under control.

3. Karaoke

Many people love singing and even more love attention. Having a karaoke station at your wedding ceremony is sure to make things interesting at your wedding. You need to pick a playlist that has something for everyone. To make things interesting you can have sing-offs between various guests and members of the wedding party. A few serenades by the groom or bride can add to the fun and make the day even more special.

4. Beer Pong

If you want to have the ultimate wedding party, why not have the ultimate drinking game at the wedding. This is for weddings with people who love to drink and have a good time. However, you may want to wait for the after party when grandma and grandpa have retired to bed. You can have teams live bridesmaids vs. groomsmen or have couples facing off against each other.

5. Video games

This is another option designed to keep kids busy. A gaming station with the latest video games will keep the kids occupied for hours. There lots of video games that will also get adults involved. For instance, systems like Xbox and Wii use the player as the controller which is fun for games that feature dancing or a physical activity that doesn’t require special skills to do. You can also have arcade games to cater for the oldies that don’t mind a serious round of Pacman.

6. Sack Races

This is perfect for an outdoor wedding with plenty of space to work with and a nice lawn. Both adults and kids can have fun watching and playing this classic game. Plus, you can bring out a few laughs especially when someone falls over. You can have different competitions, eg, Bride’s family vs. Groom’s family, Bridesmaids race, Groomsmen race, among others.

7. I Spy and Scavenger Hunts

I spy is a great wedding reception game that does not need any special accessories or tools to play. Before playing, you can prepare a list of the things you want found. A good idea is any unique decoration piece or something more intimate like a photo of the couple kissing. Try not to make the game too hard or else it gets boring.